Date: 2/8/18 12:18 pm
From: cindy daudelin (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Pine Siskins Iredell County
This is my first winter in NC (from Buffalo NY), so don't know if this is usual for this area, but I am in Iredell County, about 30 mins north of Charlotte. I don't believe they nest here and will probably head north in the spring, but my feeders have been inundated by many dozens of pine siskins for months now - I am filling my platform feeders 2x/day and they are still empty at end of day. The sound of their twittering is very loud and I have to wave my arms so they will leave the feeders when I go out to refill. My yard backs up to Lake Norman State Park, so it is a very wooded area, although my yard has open spaces.
Here are some of the other birds I am seeing daily in my yard and enjoying greatly: Hermit thrush (just one regular), house finches (many), eastern bluebird (about a dozen; also like to pick in the gutters on the house), goldfinch (a couple dozen), brown headed nuthatch (seen once in a while), phoebe (seen just a couple of times, going around all our family room windows), cardinal (about 8 daily), eastern mockingbird (2), Carolina wren (4), wild turkey (6), Carolina chickadee (about 8 daily), blue jays (8), crow family of 7, a male and female red-bellied, several downy woodpeckers, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. A couple pileated woodpeckers fly over morning and evening. Great horned owl hoots every night.  
Not bird-related, but the other night we had a smaller raccoon under the birdfeeder,  back to back with an opossum, both munching away. At one point, the opossum put its nose into the raccoons back for a sniff, and then they sat together for quite a while, both seemingly completely unbothered by the close proximity of the other. Guess there was enough seed for both!
I am putting out black oil sunflower seed, finch mix seed, shelled peanut mix, those round peanut suet balls, and mealworms. I have a couple tube feeders up, a couple small platform feeders, and a large hanging bag of thistle seed. I am really looking forward to spring migration and seeing what birds come through! Won't be long now.  - Cindy Pirson
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