Date: 2/8/18 10:12 am
From: Phil Davis <pdavis...>
Subject: [MDBirding] MD/DC Records Committee updates to the DC and MD lists
MD/DC Birders:

Web Updates. The MD/DC Records Committee (MD/DCRC) has posted updates
to committee web page (
Here, you can find updated Official Lists of the Birds of MD and DC;
the committee's updated MD and DC Review Lists, our updated abridged
MD and DC database summaries, plus other committee information.

Changes to MD and DC State Lists: The following updates reflect
decisions from recent committee review packages 170 and 171:

DC Additions: Since our last MDBirding update was posted,
Mississippi Kite was accepted and added to the DC List, raising
the DC species total to 339.

MD Changes: Since the last MDBirding update was posted, the
following species were added to the MD list: Sharp-tailed
Sandpiper*, Masked Booby, Crested Caracara, and Shiny Cowbird.
However, the 2006 MD Cape Verde Shearwater* was reopened and
re-reviewed and the result was that it was Not Accepted,
removing it from the Official MD list. These net changes raise
the total number of accepted MD species to 452.


Sharp-tailed Sandpiper: On one web listing, the MD Sharp-tailed
Sandpiper is shown as having been accepted in 2016. This has been
corrected and future updates will reflect that it was accepted in

Cape Verde Shearwater: Since this was the second North American report
for this species, the committee decisions have wide interest. For
those who would like to learn more about these decisions and the
decision process, the following links may be of interest:

Re-opened Not Accepted Decision. This link provides the
rationale for the recent Not Accepted decision:

Re-opening Rationale: This link provides earlier background
information and additional details on the motion to reopen the
original record:

Thanks to MOS Webmaster, John Christy for posting the updates to the
official MOS MD/DCRC web page.


Phil Davis, Secretary
MD/DC Records Committee
2549 Vale Court
Davidsonville, Maryland 21035 USA

MD/DCRC Web site:

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