Date: 2/8/18 7:10 am
From: Herbert Flavell <herb1013...>
Subject: Re: Herb and his amazing Bird NestsBOXES!
Thanks for the nice words Jerry. I just sent this email to Rick Gaeta so
to save some time I'll forward it with one addition. I have 9 pictures
in a PABirds folder for anyone that wants a picture. I picked them out
of the thousands of pics and videos of bird ,squirrel, chip monks
Raccoons and even Porkys that visit here. I had a wood duck nest box in
a tree for years. One spring while cleaning it my son put his hand in
the nest to sweep out the nest. In the nest was a sleeping opossum It
got a big shock when it hit the ground. It got so much of a shock that
instead of running   away using the ponds dam it jumped in the pond to
swim to the other side.. One more thing I did not tell Rick was that
people use our dirt road to dump old tires to, to avoid paying the fee
for disposal. So I used to pick them up off my 1,000 feet of road. I put
hay in them by the pond to be used by the Canada Geese that would visit
here and nest. They did nest in the tires till my bass in the pond got
to big and used the baby Geese for a meal. Now the tires are home to
some very large snakes.

Thanks for the nice words Rick. Until last spring my son and I cleaned
the bird houses every spring and watched as all the nests were used
mostly by Tree Swallows. We could tell there were babies by the peeps as
you walked close to the nest and watched as Mom and Dad fed the young.
We cleaned them all every spring and never found the remains of dead
young. That does not mean that none died because I find that birds are
neat house keepers. When the eggs hatch Mom or Dad take the shells out
and drop them. Its possible they would take out a dead baby. But they
all seem to have had young every year. As for Folgers. When I left them
red I wound up being a father to  bee's. They loved the color red so
they built their nests in the red cans. Not that I dont like bees
because bee's are threatened to. They also play an important roll in our
lives by pollinating veggies I have since started to paint them brown.
I  bought a one car garage for my 2 lawn mowers. So I put 3 Folgers on
each side and one over the back door. The one in back is home to a Blue
bird pair every year. We did not clean the nests last year because I was
in N.J. having a stent put in an artery to my heart and was in no
condition to climb ladders when we came home. The birds used every nest
anyway. As for heat in the nest thats why I put a flat on the top of
both plugs so that heat which rises escapes. As for cold thats Moms job
to keep the babies warm as Dad fetches the food just like us humans. I
think about 99% of my birds  using the nests are Tree Swallows. Thats ok
by me because I love to sit on the bench by my pond and watch them hawk
insects from the water. I must have 5 or 6 thousand pictures and videos
on this computer of all the birds and animals here.Oh I did get a
booklet and plans on making a Kestrel  nest box from a Katheryn Andrews
from Hawk Mountain. I plan on making 3 more to see if I can get the kids
of the 2 that have nested in my Owl box since we put it up 6 or 7 years
ago to nest here to..

Herb Flavell, Gods Knob. Milk Can Corners, Susquehanna County.
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