Date: 2/8/18 5:57 am
From: Gerald Kruth <00000005ead0dac6-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Herb and his amazing Bird NestsBOXES!
As an avid and constant builder of nestboxes, I have communicated with Herb several times and marvel at his successes.

-- I would have thought coffee cans too hot, and the metal sides to slippery for the birds to manuever inside, but apparently they work!

-- Plastic pipe as the primary building material seems challenging to attract birds, but if it's working, it's working. I haven't utilized the material, but plastic is incredibly durable and long lasting.

-- Swallows nesting on the ground?! I'm shocked and now informed?!

-- PA Game Commission and other plans indicate screech owls and kestrels prefer the same sized boxes, so depending upon where in habitat the box is sited, either or both may appear.

Herb posted some pictures of his pipe and can boxes before; but for the sake of anyone building nesting sites for cavity birds, perhpas he can show them again?

I will gratuitously add -- guys like Herb are rare and beautiful-- those people who actually DO something about the environment and habitat, and try to make things better for our feathered friends. And I will encourage anyone with an interest in improving habitat and having their own thrills at surrogate avian parenting (well almost), to BUILD NESTBOXES AND GET THEM IN THE RIGHT HABITAT(S). The rewards and pleasures of self-satisfaction are enormous and worth any effort.

Anyone interested in building nestboxes, but don't know how to get started, write me.

God bless the nestboxers! Thanks Herb!

Jerry Kruth


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Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Bird Nests

Fascinating what can be done with things that would otherwise be thrown out. Pictures would be great-I’d love to see them. Thank you!

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> On Feb 7, 2018, at 6:30 PM, Herbert Flavell <herb1013...> wrote:
> When we built our home here 30 years ago I collected all of the waste PVC pipe. It was all 6 inches round and used to bury the electric and water lines to the house.I cut them in 6 or 8 inch long pieces. Then made a wooden plug for each end and filed a flat on the top and bottom of each plug. Then screwed the plug on each side for cleaning> Then drilled a hole in the front plug. I put them up 2 ways. One a screw through the rear plug for the electric poles that run 1,000 feet a crossed my land, I also took 2 eye hooks screwed into each wooden plug and hung the bird house to a tree branch with a wire hanger. The flats on the plug were to let water and hot air escape from the bird house. I also built a community bird house that I hoped Martins would use. I used metal coffee cans for that with wood covers and each can had an entry hole> No Martins used it but many tree Swallows did till the Hurricane of 2005 blew it over and destroyed it.The cans had rusted anyway so I left it lying on the ground till I could burn it, Darned if the swallows used it on the ground.I screwed one of the black PVC nest to my back deck where its 12 feet off the ground, One day as I walked under the deck a bird flew out and wacked me on the back of the head. A House Wren. After that I walked faster under her nest. Then we put the Owl box on a 12 foot 2x4 and installed it by the pond and waited for our Owl that never came, But it has been used by a bird that is just as good. A Kestrel has raised young in it since we put it up. She almost took my head off to one day as she flew out as I walked by to sit on the bench to feed the fish and Tillie the Snapping Turtle. I know she is a female because I caught her laying eggs one day. Turtles make a big mistake building their nests. The female will pee on the dirt where she wants her nest. The pee loosens the dirt and she digs a hole to deposit her eggs. Then she kick the dirt onto the eggs with her front and back feet. Then back into the pond she went. But like I said she or they make a mistake by peeing on the dirt. That night a Raccoon smelled the fresh pee and dug up Tillies nest and ate her eggs. More than you needed to Know right. One thing I forgot is that I now use Folgers plastic coffee cans to make bird houses using one plug in the front with a flat top and bottom. The back is screwed to wood posts with a washer to keep the screw from breaking the plastic. You now do 2 things help eliminate plastic in the land fills and raise birds every spring. I have pictures if anyone is interested.
> Herb Flavell Gods Knob, Milk Can Corners, Susquehanna County
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