Date: 2/7/18 8:41 pm
From: B B <birder4184...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Little Brown Birds in Arizona - Sparrows and Wrens
I am wrapping up a quickie 4 day  trip  to Southeast Arizona chasing some ABA life birds and ABA life photos.
As I was going over checklists, I was surprised at the number of Sparrows and Wrens I have seen.  Including Towhees there have been 16 species of Sparrows and 7 species of Wrens.
Sparrows: Lincoln's, Song, White Crowned, Savannah, Baird's, Grasshopper, Vesper, Chipping, Black Chinned, Rufous Crowned, Rufous Winged and Brewer's Sparrows plus Green Tailed, Abert's and Canyon Towhees, and Dark Eyed Junco.
Wrens: Marsh, House, Bewick's, Canyon, Rock, Cactus and Sinaloa.  
Good way to pad a trip list.

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