Date: 2/7/18 7:39 pm
From: Nicholas Mrvelj <nickmrvelj...>
Subject: [obol] Odd Starling in Portland
Hello all,

This afternoon, I took a bicycle trip to Delta Park East in search of the
reported Lesser Black-backed Gull from two days ago. I got there at about
4:10 pm, and there wasn't a gull to be found anywhere in the complex.

I packed it in, and road over to nearby Heron Lakes Golf Club in search of
gulls. On my way to the parking lot, I stirred up approximately 100
European Starlings that were feeding on worms in the grass. As I watched
them fly in unison, I noticed one individual that had a well defined white
rump. I never did see it land, and lost it a few moments later as the flock
spooked and dispersed to various trees some distance away. It was hard to
get a good look at the entire bird as the flock was twisting in flight in
tight formation, but the white rump was glaring at certain angles.

My question is, has anyone noticed this type of pigment loss on a Starling
before? I want to say I've seen an odd Starling or two with haphazard white
coloration throughout, but nothing as clean cut as the white rump I saw on
this bird.

I can't help but scratch my head a little over this observation, especially
when birds like the one in the link below are found in recent times:

Good birding,
-Nick Mrvelj

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