Date: 2/7/18 6:49 pm
From: Kathleen Krall <krallfamily...>
Subject: [obol] Tillamook East Raptor Run and other birds (Glaucous Gull, White-breasted Nuthatch, Marbled Godwit)
Mike and I traveled 54 miles in 4 hr, 40 minutes on a beautiful 60 degree day. We saw 6 Peregrines!

Red-tailed Hawk 30
American Kestrel 12
Northern Harrier 4
Bald Eagle 3 (2 Adult, 1 Subadult)
Rough-legged Hawk 1
Red-shouldered Hawk 1
White-tailed Kite 6
Peregrine Falcon 6

No owls or accipiters this month.

Yellow Fir Rd (where Wayne Hoffman found a Glaucous Gull) is on our raptor route.
There were only about 20 gulls in the field there today, but the Glaucous Gull was obligingly sitting off to the side of the group, making it easy for us to pick him/her out.
Photo will be posted on ebird.

Tuesday (February 7) we refound the White-breasted Nuthatch along Holly Ave in Tierra del Mar. We also saw a Marbled Godwit in the mudflats from the dike path at Sitka Sedge (just north of Tierra del Mar).

Kathy and Mike Krall

From all directions
Winds bring petals of cherry
Into the grebe lake.

Matsuo Basho

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