Date: 2/7/18 6:06 pm
From: Bob Friedrichs <bird.fried...>
Subject: [texbirds] Elegant Trogon - 2/7 - NO

The New Braunfels Elegant Trogon was a no show today. We, along with about 30 other birders, searched on and off from about 9am when the rain mostly stopped to about 6:15pm. We walked the length of Panther Canyon Trail multiple times and carefully checked the Ligustrum and Junipers with berries located between the sighting locations from the two previous days. Another birder thought they may have heard the Trogon late in the day but there was no visual. The cold wet windy weather obviously seemed to have a negative effect on the bird’s activity level. We’re hoping for success tomorrow as the weather begins to warm and dry out.

The Rusty Blackbird was still on the Cypress Tree islands out from the gazebo. Thanks for Justin Bosler for the heads-up. The Wood Ducks were showing nice as well as Couch’s Kingbirds and Yellow-crowned Night-Herons.

Good birding!
Bob Friedrichs

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