Date: 2/7/18 5:37 pm
From: Herbert Flavell <herb1013...>
Subject: Re: Bird Nests
One thing I forgot in my last email. Every few years I buy a cheap
feather pillow, In the spring I tearĀ  open one end and throw a few
handsfull of feathers on the lawn. The Tree Swallows swoop in and grab a
few feathers on the fly to line their nests. Other birds land and take a
beak full till the feathers are all gone and lining a nest somewhere.

Herb Flavell, Gods Knob, Milk Can Corners, Susquehanna County

On 2/7/2018 6:30 PM, Herbert Flavell wrote:
> When we built our home here 30 years ago I collected all of the waste
> PVC pipe. It was all 6 inches round and used to bury the electric and
> water lines to the house.I cut them in 6 or 8 inch long pieces. Then
> made a wooden plug for each end and filed a flat on the top and bottom
> of each plug. Then screwed the plug on each side for cleaning> Then
> drilled a hole in the front plug. I put them up 2 ways. One a screw
> through the rear plug for the electric poles that run 1,000 feet a
> crossed my land, I also took 2 eye hooks screwed into each wooden plug
> and hung the bird house to a tree branch with a wire hanger. The flats
> on the plug were to let water and hot air escape from the bird house.
> I also built a community bird house that I hoped Martins would use. I
> used metal coffee cans for that with wood covers and each can had an
> entry hole> No Martins used it but many tree Swallows did till the
> Hurricane of 2005 blew it over and destroyed it.The cans had rusted
> anyway so I left it lying on the ground till I could burn it, Darned
> if the swallows used it on the ground.I screwed one of the black PVC
> nest to my back deck where its 12 feet off the ground, One day as I
> walked under the deck a bird flew out and wacked me on the back of the
> head. A House Wren. After that I walked faster under her nest. Then we
> put the Owl box on a 12 foot 2x4 and installed it by the pond and
> waited for our Owl that never came, But it has been used by a bird
> that is just as good. A Kestrel has raised young in it since we put it
> up. She almost took my head off to one day as she flew out as I walked
> by to sit on the bench to feed the fish and Tillie the Snapping
> Turtle. I know she is a female because I caught her laying eggs one
> day. Turtles make a big mistake building their nests. The female will
> pee on the dirt where she wants her nest. The pee loosens the dirt and
> she digs a hole to deposit her eggs. Then she kick the dirt onto the
> eggs with her front and back feet. Then back into the pond she went.
> But like I said she or they make a mistake by peeing on the dirt. That
> night a Raccoon smelled the fresh pee and dug up Tillies nest and ate
> her eggs. More than you needed to Know right. One thing I forgot is
> that I now use Folgers plastic coffee cans to make bird houses using
> one plug in the front with a flat top and bottom. The back is screwed
> to wood posts with a washer to keep the screw from breaking the
> plastic. You now do 2 things help eliminate plastic in the land fills
> and raise birds every spring. I have pictures if anyone is interested.
> Herb Flavell Gods Knob, Milk Can Corners, Susquehanna County
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