Date: 2/7/18 8:47 am
From: Nancy Wagner <nancy...>
Subject: [Tweeters] 2nd attempt to req help about harriers
I posted this message yesterday, but didn’t realize Peter’s email address
was removed since it had an @ symbol in it. Sorry about that! Here’s the
message again, hopefully his email address comes through. Thanks to those
who responded yesterday – some great suggestions to help Peter, and I
forwarded all of them to him.

My friend, Peter Appleton, will be visiting the area for a couple of weeks
during spring next year - probably March - May 2019, and is aiming to watch
northern harrier aerial displays. Peter, who is from England, is used to
watching western marsh harriers (in England) and Montagu's harriers (in
southern France) and has a special interest in high-circling, sky-diving,
and breeding vocalizations. He’s not a photographer and is not a 'proper
scientist' (his words!), but he does have quite a lot of hours of
harrier-watching experience, and has read a lot about the wonderful harrier
family. He would love to receive advice on where and when might be good.
Peter’s email address is peterappleton279 AT Thanks to anyone who
can help!
Nancy AT
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