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Thank you, Michael.  I think you've said it about as well as any of us could.
(Just because I feel I should, I am double checking his Illinois list against the current ABA checklist - I think he may have added another Illinois bird after that last submission, but then he also lost Thayer's Gull.  A small detail, but I think he would have appreciated it.)

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As already reported David Brenner died last Saturday.  I met David in 1972 and often birded with him.   He was a passionate birder who birded virtually every weekend whatever the weather until his health started to fail a few years ago.  As his daughter Rachel has noted he knew when there was a "good bird" to be seen and often saw them.  He had a respectable Illinois list of some 368 species, including megas such as Ross's and Ivory Gull, Mountain Bluebird and Gyr Falcon all seen in the 70's and 80's before the advent of IBET.
David and his wife, Judy traveled from one end of North America to the other, from Attu to Palenque. David pursued his passion for birds while Judy pursued her passion for butterflies.   They did not limit their travels to North America.  Argentina, Australia, Bhutan, Borneo, Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, East Africa,  Ethiopia, Gambia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Madagascar, New Zealand, the Philippines and the list goes on.   David's life list was somewhere north of 5,200.
The Brenners' interests were not limited to nature.  They also explored the ancient sites and culture of the places they visited and whenever possible scheduled a stay in Paris as part of any trip.  David loved the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and could be found frequently "sainting" at Chicago's theaters.
David always had a story to tell.  He enjoyed sharing his experiences with those around him.
He was an early supporter of IOS both with his presence and donations.  He helped make the quorum at our very first IOS annual meeting at the Evanston Cultural Center and attended a significant number of our annual meetings thereafter around the state.
David will be missed.
Michael Hogg

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