Date: 2/6/18 3:24 pm
From: Jerry Tangren <kloshewoods...>
Subject: [obol] 1993 Yaquina Bay gull
Twenty-five years ago Lorna and I chased a reported Ross’ gull at Yaquina Bay. We believe we found the reported individual. However, the view as it was feeding on the tide flats was at an unsatisfactory distance. The Record Committee came to the same conclusion and the record was rejected.

We never turned in a rare bird report of our own, but the bird has bothered me ever since. As we were leaving something spooked the gulls and the flock flew past us. We were able to pick out a small white gull with black spotting on the wings and the width of the tail tip; however we did not see a wedge shape to the tail.

We were so sure that we had located a previously correctly identified Ross gull, we did not thoroughly think through the details at the time. After further thought the next few days, I began to think ivory gull was a better fit; discussion with others on-line told us we couldn’t dismiss a heavily worn kittiwake.

I’m sure now it was not a Ross’ gull. However, after twenty-five years, I can’t let it go in my mind and still see an ivory gull when I close my eyes.

Q. Anyone here see the bird and take notes? What is your thought after twenty-five years?

—Jerry Tangren
East Wenatchee, WA

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