Date: 2/6/18 3:23 pm
From: Tom Grey <tgrey...> [peninsula-birding] <peninsula-birding-noreply...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Coyote Point Red Knot, Surfbirds, a Clark's Grebe
Sunday (2/4/18) I went to Coyote Point in late morning (rising tide) in
search of shorebird photo-ops, inspired by Rob Furrow's report.

Lots of birds in photo range, exemplified by my Red Knot & Shorebird
Potpourri pic.

This photo is a study in the myopia of the photographer. I noticed a Willet
and a Whimbrel facing each other, in profile to me and in the same plane,
so they would both be sharp in the image. Might be an OK picture. Focus,

Only later when I was processing the file at home did I notice that
by concentrating on these two familiar birds I had missed a rarer
one spilling off the left edge of the frame with its tail outside the
frame: a RED KNOT. Not only that, but a BLACK TURNSTONE, another rarity
here, was right above the Whimbrel, a blur in the photo. Further, above the
Willet was a blurred bird with bright yellow legs which I now believe was a
SURFBIRD. In the end, I did get good pictures of the Surfbirds I saw (at
least six), but only this partial one of a Knot and none of a Turnstone. Oh
the picture also shows Western Flycatchers and a Curlew and maybe a
Black-bellied Plover or two, all in all enough to justify calling it a
potpourri of shorebirds, particularly shorebirds of the rocky ocean
shore, two of which (Turnstone and Surfbird) I'd never seen away from the
coast before.

Also seen and photographed on this productive outing, as mentioned,
Surfbirds, and also a CLARK'S GREBE and a BELTED KINGFISHER:

And continue on in
to see pictures from this outing of Long-billed Curlew, Marbled Godwits, a
pair of Surf Scoters, and a Mew Gull.

Great spot, thanks Rob!

Tom Grey

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