Date: 2/6/18 12:51 pm
From: Teresa M <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: Circus of birds
It's a mad house out there at the feeders the last hour. I already have
done my list for today. Yet looking for the odd one I saw off and on all
day. Trying to get a shot with my phone isn't working.

As 15 finches sit upon each head at the thistle feeder.

The swinging platform is acrobats of many sizes. You have a Cardinal, 4
Goldfinches, and 4 Bluejays filling their gut as the feeder tilts like a
sailing ship. I'm not sure it's meant to hold such weight.
The three window feeder has 5 Goldfinches sitting in a row like cows lined
up to be milked. One Red Bellied Woodpecker hangs upside down upon it
squeezing his bill in to snatch a seed too.

On the ground rushing back and forth are 29 Juncos, 21 White-throated
Sparrows, 2 White Crowned Sparrows, 1 Fox Sparrow,3 Cardinals,1 Hermit
Thrush, and I Mourning Dove all in an area of about 6 feet. They fighting
for the food that how desperate they are.

Making my sighting of the one a hit and miss look once again.

On the suet feeder I wonder what the weight limit is there too, as another
Red Bellied Woodpecker, A Downy and a White Breasted Nuthatch all hangs
stubbonly upon it. Refusing to let go of THEIR suet block.

You know the weather going to be bleak when the feathers fly over just a
few spots of seed.

Now a Chickadee dared to break the line to the platform feeder. The Jay
pecking at it. The Goldfinches are pecking at its tail. The Cardinal just
poking every ones seed into its mouth.

There's feathers all over the ground for the price of eating here is quite

We'll I give up for now I got things to do. Hopefully odd guy sticks around.

Teresa, Hector,AR

Thank God & Smile. The day isn't over yet.

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