Date: 2/6/18 11:32 am
From: Jon Stippick <Jonstippick...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Flood Gate - Gloucester County
I birded Flood Gate in Gloucester County this morning from 6:50 to 8:50am. I’ve only been there a few times but today was the first time it wasn’t freezing cold and windy. Wind was almost calm and made for fantastic viewing conditions. I counted almost 100 Tundra Swans and just over 100 Common Mergansers but not much other waterfowl. I walked the dirt road north from the parking area, it was loaded with sparrows. Mostly White-throated with at least 15 Song a few Swamp and 5 Fox Sparrows. There were many Chickadees, Titmice, Towhees, Flickers and more mixed in...I know there was a lot of stuff I missed in there, I was carrying my scope. I was looking for Orange-crowned or Tree Sparrow but no luck. There was really a lot of activity! Lots of blackbirds and gulls milling about also. I can’t wait to visit here in spring and fall. It looks like a great spot for riverwatching too. I’ll be trying again soon for Orange-crowned. A Lesser Black-backed or Bonaparte’s would b!
e nice.
I usually try to refer to places I post about by the eBird hotspot name. That’s makes it super easy to get directions and get an idea of what birds have been reported recently. Go to eBird—>explore—>explore hotspot then put the name of the hotspot into search bar.


Jon Stippick
Franklin Township, Gloucester County
jonstippick at gmail dotcom

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