Date: 2/6/18 7:15 am
From: Susan Schaezler <susan...>
Subject: [texbirds] Golden-Crowned Sparrow FAQ @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
Golden-Crowned Sparrow here since 12-11-18
Joel Williams discovered the Golden-Crowned Sparrow here 12-11-18 and it continues enjoying Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary!
Now, to get the bird—you need to fill out a contact form on the website,, follow the directions and I will send you info on visiting. I’m dealing with >200 communications/day—please don’t waste my time by not following directions! I keep getting “orders” from some people and not following my requests for writing.
The bird is taking his time inbetween sightings since he has lots of food. Best plan is to be there first thing, when that area gets fed or bring seed yourself—Thomas Moore Seed provides a nice milo, cracked corn, sunflower mix that we throw on the ground and the bird loves.
The Golden-Crowned Sparrow runs with the horrible House Sparrows and it usually takes 10 House Sparrows, to get it out. Since we are dependent on keeping House Sparrows happy and calm, people HAVE to sit at the blind area and not move around and gentle movements while there. I’ve asked the crowds to help enforce this, or we won’t get the bird out. Some have had to wait 5 hrs after the last sighting, but he isn’t flashy when he comes out and I know I’m the one that first sees him many times when I’m down there and I think people are missing him.
He doesn’t do the hop, hop, hop approach like the House sparrows and is a little bigger than them. He doesn’t run with the other birds, so your goal is to make House Sparrows happy! In the morning, he likes to come out from the brush to the front, right of the blind. Don’t post online where the bird is located.
Be careful with the seats at the blind—they are getting old from all the use.
If you come early, you might want to bring a gallon ziploc bag of cheap food to put in the area, but don’t get in the bushes. The feeding volunteers have to drive out there when they arrive and the birds will return quickly—they know carts=food.
All the extra visits is wearing on Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary and please donate to help us—we never have enough to cover expenses. It actually costs us $10/person/visit each year and there are days when we have 7 visitors and 2 $1 bills in the box and no paypal donations—we are on the PayPal Charity list. There are other days when we have more. With all the wear and tear, we are going to have to spend $4500 for asphalt repair at the gate. We personally have been having to donate 14-18,000/yr in shortfall from donations to cover things. It is expensive to run 3 wells continuously and repairs and maintenance. There are no administrative costs—we get nothing, but pleasure from sharing our home with you.
We also need more volunteers and also pay for projects. Right now, we need wood-working volunteers—our simple benches cost $80 in materials each and need someone to make them—we pay the cost of the simple treated wood bench with screws used to secure it. They are the most efficient ones to use here.
PLEASE HELP SUPPORT Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
Susan Schaezler,
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