Date: 2/6/18 5:32 am
From: Bob Fowles <rbf...>
Subject: WRS 2018 Mifflin County Milroy Route
Winter Raptor Survey

Mifflin County, Milroy area (Northeastern part of Kishacoquillas Valley east of Rte 322)
Saturday, 2/3/2018

Observers: Bob Fowles (driver), Ivan Byler, Amos Swarey, Christopher Yoder

Start time: 12:00, Stop time: 15:20
Elapsed time: 3:20 hours:min
Miles on Route: 29.5

34 Total raptors and vultures

2 TV
10 BV
6 Harrier (3 IMM or F, 2 M, 1 ND)
5 Red-tails (3 AD, 2 ND)
4 Rough-legs (3 Light, 1 Dark)
4 American Kestrels (2 M, 1 F, 1 ND)
1 Cooper’s Hawk (1 IMM)
2 Unidentified raptors

Avg Temperature: 30F
Avg Sky: Overcast
Avg Wind: slight
Avg Snow Cover: 1"

Comment: All NH and NLs were observed within 5 miles of driving along Back Mt Road and Salem Cross Road.

Route: Starting from the intersection of Field Ln and Clear View Drive, Back Mountain Rd (including Salem Cross Rd), to Siglerville including part of Treaster Valley Rd. Siglerville Pike to Naginey Rd to the end of Church Ln. Logan St in Reedsville to Waterfront to Honey Creek Rd to Locke Mills Rd into Siglerville. Salem Rd to Main St. Milroy.

Other species: House Sparrow, Rock Pigeon, Bluebird, Crow, Starling, Eastern Meadowlark (8+), Carolina Wren, Mourning Dove, mallard, Flicker, Wild Turkey (25+), Canada Goose, GB Heron, Raven

[AD=adult, IMM=immature, M=male, F=female, ND=Not Determined, Light=light morph, Dark=dark morph]
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