Date: 2/5/18 4:49 pm
From: Pabirder1974 <pabirder1974...>
Subject: Rosy finch info for the folks coming this week
There are a lot of you all coming for this bird with me this week and I want to just give a friendly reminder about some things.

Please use the eBird hotspot that Geoff Malosh started for the bird. This is not the exact location due to the home owners request to keep all of her info offline. The gated community is small and the only parking allowed is in her driveway which fits 4 cars. And we are pushing it with 4! To view the bird we have to be in her living room. If you need the eBird link I can send it to you. Please no personal hotspots!!! If anyone is walking the area or what not, you will be turned into the police and will be escorted out with trespassing charges. If that happens once then this bird will be off limits! So please no one be stupid and do anything that will jeopardize folks seeing this bird. This is a very watched community and she had to let people know she will be having visitors this week and next so they were not alarmed at the cars in her driveway.

I hate that this bird picked a gated community like this, but we are all making the best of it. My friend is so delighted that she gets to share this bird and is loving all the visitors!!! Many folks have brought her so many wonderful thank you cards and gifts she really is over the moon at how the birding community is being so kind to her!

Thanks everyone for being patient with me in getting this done..I never thought I'd have to have a spreadsheet with people's names and times to visit a bird lol

Just a side note....each group I've brought over...the bird shows up within 2 mins we get there! It's like it knows!!! Hahah

Shawn collins
Crawford county

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