Date: 2/5/18 1:27 pm
From: Oakes Plimpton <opoakes...> [arlingtonbirds] <arlingtonbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [Arlington Birds] Rock Meadow
Walk in Rock Meadows, Belmont, some muddy ground and cold and windy. But some natural history sites: a mangy thin Coyote limping through the Community Gardens! Someone yelled at us heads up. Small yellow balls from some plant on the meadow grass. We cut across into the woods by the bird boxes. Spied a Brown Creeper going up a tree! Interestingly Creepers climb up, Nuthatches go down the trees. R.T.P. Then we viewed a pair of Red-tailed Hawks soaring over the meadow!
Two good books I found in my book case. One: Watching Birds, an Introduction to Ornithology, by Roger Pasquier, Intro by R.T.P. Well illustrated, covers evolution and else. Then The Wind Masters, the Lives of North American Birds of Prey by Pete Dunne, beautiful drawings by David Sibley, a gripping description and drawing of a dying young Golden Eagle dying from ingested lead pellets eyed by a nearby Raven I turned a page to!

Oakes and Pat
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