Date: 2/5/18 1:08 pm
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Waxwing abundance
As I'm going into the second week of being inundated with Cedar Waxwings
I think I may have figured out the reason for this abundance.  Water, of
course, but also all the hackberry trees that have had an unusually
heavy mast year.   In the morning the Waxwings are draining the
birdbaths on both sides of the house. Had to add a gallon of water to
each.   I was surprised to find them on the roof of my car drinking the
melted ice.  Subaru has great commercials using dogs.  I wonder if
they'd be interested in using birds.

Coming home this afternoon a bunch of birds flew up from the side of the
road.  I backed up and, sure enough, they were Waxwings that had either
gotten water or picked up hackberries that had fallen from the trees. 
The tree line was just loaded with berries.

A Hairy woodpecker has become a regular, here every morning. He's a
great example of how much bigger they are than Downy woodpeckers.  The
female Pileated is also a regular on the suet. Today her mate showed up
with her but didn't stay very long.

Bruni Haydl  Waxwing frenzy #1  Waxwing frenzy in ground bath
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