Date: 2/5/18 7:23 am
From: Bill Carrell <cyanocitta.tachopteryx...>
Subject: New Photos
Hello All,

Had enough of the cold and the wind on Sunday morning to last the whole
day, so I spent the afternoon adding photos from January to the Recent
gallery on my Pbase site. Included are pictures from my panhandle trip in
mid-January, with more of the dark immature Gyrfalcon, along with
Curve-Billed Thrasher, Woodhouse's Scrub Jay and a female Cassin's Finch.
From Sunset Lake in Guymon, a cooperative Townsend's Solitaire and a
Dark-Eyed Junco that may be an immature Pink-Sided. Also some shots of
several of the geese on the lake, among them an adult Ross' Goose. I have
included a link to a gallery (for comparison purposes) from this location
from last year that I had previously identified as Ross' Goose, but now
believe is a Snow X Ross'. There are also a couple of photos of what I have
tentatively ID'ed as a "Lesser" Canada Goose. It was not much larger than
the Cackling Geese that were present, and appears to have a proportionally
larger bill and less rounded head. Opinions welcome. From SW Oklahoma a
couple of weeks ago, a winter plumage male Lark Bunting from the Eldorado
area, and a few so-so shots of a Short-Eared Owl from Hackberry Flat.

Good Birding,

Bill Carrell
Tulsa, OK

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