Date: 2/5/18 6:18 am
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Troutdale Harris's Sparrow - Sunday
What really happened.

I arrived at the location where Sundial Rd meets the dike along the Columbia
River about 9:45, parked and walked east on the paved bike trail. I met
birders who were walking out with smiles on their faces. They had just seen
the HARRIS'S SPARROW, with lots of Golden-crowned Sparrows, a White-crowned,
etc. Another birders was still down there. I got boots and birdseed and
walked in.

I found no birds or birders at first. Finally, I met Beverly Hallberg who
showed me where the bird had been seen. Thanks, Beverly. It's at the east
end of Company Lake. 45.560947.-122.399135 I put down seed at 11 AM, went
to my car for a snack, came back and set up watch.

Other birders came and went all day. I stayed until 4:15 PM. We never saw
a Golden-crowned Sparrow or any other bird of the Zonotrichia genus. Lots
of Song Sparrows and Juncos.

About 30 dog-walkers with 45 dogs passed the spot, spaced about 15 minutes
apart for the 6 hours, flushing the birds each time. It would be prudent
for birders to place seed OFF the main trail on a side trail that goes west
among the blackberries at that location. Bring a camp stool and a lunch.

Good birding,

Paul Sullivan

From: Paul Sullivan [mailto:<paultsullivan...>]
Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2018 7:45 PM
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Subject: Troutdale Harris's Sparrow - maybe

After spending 6 hours watching the seed at the Harris's Sparrow spot north
of the Troutdale airport. I heard a little ruckus down in the blackberries.
I tip-toed over and looked down at the noise.

Tucked in a sheltered nook in the berry patch was a couple couches, a small
coffee table with a bowl of popcorn on it, and a tiny TV with the Superbowl
on. There were fox, song, Lincoln, golden-crowned sparrows, and a towhee,
partying. Being birds, they were rooting for the Eagles. I got a glimpse
of one bird, sitting on the floor at the other end of the couch, a shy gal,
half hidden. Might have been the Harris's.

Ahh well.

Paul Sullivan

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