Date: 2/4/18 9:13 pm
From: Hendrik Herlyn <hhactitis...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Turkey Vultures - seasonal or not?
We've been having a higher than usual number of TV sightings in Benton
County this January and February. I almost doubt that they all involve part
of the wintering population around Eugene. More likely, the unusually warm
winter is facilitating a bunch of earlier-than-normal migrants.


On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 8:34 PM, Barbara Combs <bcombs232...> wrote:

> I have been seeing Turkey Vultures all winter in various locations west of
> Eugene.
> I suspect that they might all be part of the group that roosts near Veneta.
> It has seemed that I have been seeing them more often than usual this
> winter.
> Today I visited Christensen Road, south of the east side of Eugene.
> One Turkey Vulture soared over the hills from the south, headed
> north/northeast.
> There is a group of vultures that uses this area in the “warm season,” so
> I suspect that this vulture is a local rather than a visitor from Veneta.
> Or, it could have been an early migrant headed further north. With no data
> from November through January, I can’t say whether this bird overwintered
> or is an early arrival, but it seems that the situation should be
> monitored to see whether vultures’ seasonal behavior is in the process of
> changing.
> Barbara Combs
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