Date: 2/4/18 9:10 pm
From: Scott Bastian <jandsbastian...>
Subject: Great Horned Owls + Tony Soprano birdwatcher
Hi PA Birders;

Great Horned Owls have been calling regularly at night in my neighborhood -
they make night walks very entertaining.

I've been wanting to share this observation as well and see if anybody else
ever noticed. I was watching some Sopranos clips on You tube recently and
saw that, in the pilot episode, there are not one but TWO occasions where
Tony Soprano is looking at the Audubon Encyclopedia of North American Birds
(by Terres). One in the kitchen with Carmella and two while riding in a car
with Christopher driving. I don't know that much about the series, but know
enough to be surprised that a powerful New Jersey mobster is presented as
being interested in studying birds. Funny how things like that show up in
different places. I would enjoy knowing the back story of how that book
came to be included in the show.

Scott Bastian
SW PA, Somerset County
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