Date: 2/4/18 5:21 pm
From: Phil Pickering <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Glaucous-winged Gullamook
I spent some time Saturday (2/3) around mid day and againthis morning
(2/4) pasture birding east/south of Tillamook,mostly trying to sort
gulls while fighting visibility in heavy drizzle.There are
conservatively at least 4000 gulls using pastures in the area widely
spread in various spots, with 2000+ seen inmultiple spots along
McCormick Loop. Didn't notice anythingrare.
Flocks were dominated by uniformly pure-looking, mostly adult
Glaucous-winged, sampling 60% or more. Interestingly Thayer'swere
easily the 2nd most numerous at 15-25%, with lesser numbersof Mew,
Herring, and G-w hybrids (Olympic or G-w x Herring)mixed in. Only saw
a handful of Western and Cal and only noticed1 Ring-billed. The
Thayer's were more mixed age-wise than the G-wwith many being juv.
Best moment was a drive up mixed group of 300 in the
parkingarea/puddles leading to the UPS Center off of Long Prairie
Roadthat allowed very close scope study.
Also multiple impressive but distant blackbird flocks. Scanned
forlarge falcons but only saw damp-looking Eagles.
On the way up on Saturday at or near the spot where WayneHoffman
stopped on 1/15 in a small pasture adjacent/west of101 between Yellow
Fir and Old Mill Roads there was a flock of 200 gulls including
presumably the same 1st-cycle Glaucoushe found and at least 70
Thayer's. No luck with the adultGlaucous.
Also on the way Sat. a flock of 9 Semipalmated Plovers pretendingto be
Killdeer in a 101 pasture just south of the Little Nestucca.

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