Date: 2/4/18 3:15 pm
From: Ronald- Thorn <Tronthorn...> [peninsula-birding] <peninsula-birding-noreply...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Recent miscellaneous sightings

Below are some recent miscellaneous sightings Leonie and I noted.

We stopped at Pigeon Point for a seawatch. There were feeding frenzies near the horizon with hundreds of gulls. We did
not spend much time looking at the feeding frenzies, as the northeast breeze brought haze making for terrible viewing. The
surprised bird was not over the ocean, but a very early CASPIAN TERN Feb. 2 cutting across the field along Pigeon Point
Road. My previous earliest record for Caspian Tern arrival at Pigeon Point is Feb. 23. ( 16 ) NORTHERN FULMARS were
flying north. Of the Northern Fulmars ( 2 ) were light morphs. The ocean was very calm giving a high count of Marbled
Murrelets sitting on the water and flying north. ( 30 ) Marbled Murrelets were tallied up. Many gulls were coming in from
the feeding frenzies and landing on the rocks off the lighthouse. Most were Herring Gulls. ( 1 ) Gull of interest was a
first cycle Nelson's Gull ( Glaucous x Herring Gull ).

A couple of northbound raptors were an adult light morph FERRUGINOUS HAWK near San Gregorio and a high flying
Osprey over Crystal Springs Reservoirs.

To coincide with Rob Furrow's sighting of Tree Swallows at Coyote Point yesterday. The first returning Tree Swallow
was on February 1. Tree Swallow is a recent breeder in the last few years at Coyote Point.

A scan one morning with San Francisco Bay dead calm, there were ( 90 ) Red-throated Loons noted between Coyote
Point and the San Mateo Bridge.

Ron Thorn and Leonie Batkin

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