Date: 2/4/18 2:58 pm
From: Ann Honeycutt <annhoneycutt53...>
Subject: More Orange-Crowned Warblers
I have also have had an orange-crowned frequenting my suet feeder for the last few weeks and this week there were two. My visitors are glowing olive-green, lively and hungry.

Ann Honeycutt

West Little Rock

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I have also had two Orange-crowned Warblers at my suet feeder since mid-Dec. They are like hummingbirds, if one is on. the feeder the other runs him/her off. One bird is a bit larger and more gray while the other is slimmer and more olive green and yellower on the breast and under the tail. I am guessing the larger bird is the female and she does most of the running off. Sibley does not mention any size differences in male and female. Also have had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet that kept its feathers fluffed up during the real cold weather allowing a great view of the ruby crown patch.

Lyndal York

Mid-town Little Rock

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I’ve been suspecting that I had two separate Orange-crowned Warblers visiting my feeders this winter and today I had proof when they were both here at one time. Some winters I don’t get them at all, other winters I have one fairly regularly.

Like the field of dreams, fill them and they will come.

Jim Dixon
Little Rock <>
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