Date: 2/4/18 10:47 am
From: Meredith_Lombard <000000184bf61e22-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Question about alleged Chickadee behavior.

I came across this PDF which included info on a Carolina Chickadee predating a bluebird nest. In the PDF was a URL link for a YouTube video showing the chickadee destroying the eggs.

The PDF is:
The YouTube video (which is the 'tinyURL' link in the PDF:

Other search results showed that multiple species of birds (and animals) predate others' nests, eggs, and young.

Nature is endlessly interesting!

Good Birding,

Meredith Lombard

On Sat, 3 Feb 2018 19:01:01 -0500, Herbert Flavell <herb1013...> wrote:

>I have had Bluebirds nesting in one of my coffee can nests attached to
>my garage for years. They always raise a brood  of young. But maybe its
>the can that protects them.
>Herb Flavell Milk Can Corners (google it) Susquehanna County, Pa.
>On 2/3/2018 6:50 PM, Pamela Fisher wrote:
>> Recently someone posted on a Facebook group that I belong to, that Chickadees destroy Wren and Bluebird eggs and nests. I challenged this statement, and was told that he actually witnessed this behavior. Has anyone here ever witnessed this?
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