Date: 2/4/18 9:23 am
From: Rick Borchelt <rborchelt...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Re: Northern Oriole, College Park
And of course as has been pointed out, Northern Oriole is an older name no
longer in official use, originally erected to house both Bullock's and
Baltimore Oriole when they were considered a single taxon. After the two
were re-split, the "official" common name (an oxymoron in my mind) reverted
to Baltimore Oriole. This, to me, suggests *Icterus galbula* is a regional
or location-specific bird for the vast majority of birders who are unaware
the name derives from the black-and-orange colors of the house of Lord

I trust and follow AOU for taxonomic naming conventions; common names are
always a matter of personal preference to me. Common names have always
been a matter of linguistic fluidity as long as we have Latin to fall back
on, especially when it's pretty clear in context I wouldn't likely have
spotted a Bullock's Oriole at a winter feeder in College Park (you'd have
heard a lot more about the critter if that had been the case!). And I
still have a soft spot for butterbutts and myrtle warblers.

On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 10:17 AM, Rick Borchelt <rborchelt...> wrote:

> The cold weather has brought a bright male Northern Oriole the last couple
> of days to backyard feeders for a number of us in Old Town College Park (PG
> Co) Ignores the fruit slices we've put out in favor of thistle and mixed
> seed. Occasionally hits some plain suet.
> --
> Rick Borchelt
> College Park, MD
> preferred personal email: rborchelt |AT| gmail |DOT| com

Rick Borchelt
College Park, MD
preferred personal email: rborchelt |AT| gmail |DOT| com

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