Date: 2/3/18 9:02 pm
From: PETER LOW <plbirder...>
Subject: [COBOL] Emperor Goose and others
After seeing the Emperor Goose this morning, I walked through Pine Nursery Park and along the Canal West of Purcell Rd hoping to find the Harris's Sparrows. No luck there. I did hear a strange short burst of song. It consisted of Three different notes repeated Three times each, Northern Mockingbird came instantly to mind. An hour passed with no sight nor sound of the bird. So, if your in the area keep an eye out. It was along Canal west of Purcell in a yard with feeders just west of large Blackberry patch.
Some other Birds in the area:

Fox Sparrow 1 sooty
White-crowned Sparrow c10
Golden-crowned Sparrow 2
California Scrub Jays 4
Sharp-shinned Hawk 1

Pine Nursery Park

In Pond was 8 Hooded Merganser plus 2 Ring-neck Duck.
Along Canal by Frisby course was 15 Golden-crowned Sparrow, 10 White-crowned Sparrow, and 2 Spotted Towhee.

Hatfield Lake Highlights this afternoon were:

Golden Eagle 1
Northern Shrike, 1 adult 2nd Pond.
Redhead 2 male
Common Goldeneye 3
Lesser Scaup 20
Gadwall 7

Usual Duck present except Pintail, and no sign of Eurasian Wigeon today.

At 4.00pm today the Emperor Goose was still on Butler Market Rd in field with double post Power Line 0.6 mile East of Hamehook Junction.

Peter Low.
Bend Oregon.

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