Date: 2/3/18 8:24 pm
From: Geoff Malosh <pomarine...>
Subject: Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch info

Thanks very much to Shawn Collins for verifying this bird and working to get
people access to see it. It represents the first record for Pennsylvania and
one of only a small handful of records for the eastern United States outside
of the upper Great Lakes!

As Shawn mentioned yesterday, access to the site is limited and the exact
location will not be made public. Anyone wishing to see the bird *must* make
arrangements with Shawn.

We created an eBird hotspot to be used with sightings of this bird should it
stick around. For the time being, it is not plotted accurately. Any eBirders
who travel to see this bird, please do not create a private location at the
exact site of the bird. Use this hotspot instead, which can be viewed here: and is also linked in the checklist I
just submitted for it here:
(includes a few photos from today for those interested).

Good luck!


Geoff Malosh

Allegheny County

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