Date: 2/3/18 5:52 pm
From: Rennie Talbert <renniett...>
Subject: Late Saturday birding Cabell Mason Counties
After Amy and I got some errands done this morning, we were able to head out for a little birding. We didn't get on the road until after 1 this afternoon, but we got a couple of good birds.

We first went to the entrance of Camp Arrowhead, the boy scout camp. Birds of note:

Coopers Hawk
White-breasted nuthatch
Golden-crowned kinglets

One of the kinglets landed in a bush just ten feet in front of us, and just below eye level. Great looks even without binoculars.

Mt. Zion Church, Mason County

Red-headed woodpeckers

Blenko Pond, Cabell County

Wood Ducks (1 male and 1 female)(FOS)
Ross's Goose (same one that has been there for awhile)
Green-winged Teal (1 male and 1 female)

We also saw another Ross's Goose in a field with about a 100 Canada geese behind Wayne' Heating in Milton.

I got pictures of a lot of the above mentioned birds, and I'll put them on my ebird list if anyone wants to see them.

Rennie Talbert
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