Date: 2/3/18 4:32 pm
From: <foandla...> <foandla...>
Subject: WRS Northampton Cty Northeast (2)
Doug, Brad and I ran our 2nd Northampton County route today.  This one goes from Easton up thru Martin's Creek and returns thru famland back to Easton.  It is just south of our other NE Norco route. Redtails were about average, vultures were highest count since 2011.

County-Northampton Northeast (2)
Observers-Dan Zmoda, Brad Orey, Doug Burton
Time on Route-3:15
Miles on Route-38.5


#Harriers (Male/Female/Imm.)-none

#Red-tails (Ad./Imm./ND)-28 total   19/0/9

#Rough-legs (Light/Dark)-none

#Kestrels (M/F/ND)-1/0/0

Sharp-shins(Ad/Imm)-1 ND
Cooper's (Ad/Imm.)-none

Red-shouldered hawks (Ad/Imm.)-none

Bald Eagles (Ad./Imm.)-1/0

other raptors- unid-3

Shrikes or Owls-none

Avg Temperature-29.5    28-31
Sky(Clear/ Pt cloudy/ Cloudy)- mostly clear
Wind (light/medium/strong)-Medium
Avg Snow Cover-trace Other birds of note-Raven, Buffleheads, ~50 Horned Larks  Dan ZmodaPen Argyl
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