Date: 2/3/18 4:21 pm
From: Andrew Orahoske <orahoske...>
Subject: [obol] Possible Gyrfalcon at Table Rock, near south jetty of Coquille River, Bandon, OR

Today, Feb 3 between 2-3pm, we had a spectacular aerial display of two falcons above Table Rock, near the south jetty of Coquille River in Bandon.

One falcon was very large and uniformly gray with broad wings, and blunt tips. No obvious teardrop and no real contrast in plumage. I believe this could be a gray adult or juvenile Gyrfalcon.

The smaller falcon was darker, with an obvious teardrop and much pointier wings. This bird was definitely a Peregrine Falcon. Perhaps this is one of the residents.

The two falcons battled in aerial duels repeatedly over Table Rock, all the while with a pair of Canada Geese sitting on the grass below. Each falcon would take turns diving at the geese, but the larger falcon did so many more times.

If anyone is in the area with a good spotting scope and would like to search for this bird, please send me an email off list.

We also saw numerous migrating Gray Whales, Surf Scoters, Pacific Loons, Common Loons, Black Turnstones, Sanderlings, Gull spp.

Andrew Orahoske

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