Date: 2/3/18 3:26 pm
From: Tom Kuehl <tjk.kuehl...>
Subject: Westmoreland County WRS - Unity Township area - Peregrine Falcon and Rusty Blackbirds
Greg and All,

This is the second year for this WRS route south of Greensburg that wanders
through the rural area of primarily Unity Township. It was created in 2017
by Sharon Gewecke who lives in the area. The route includes passes through
the Westmoreland Fair Grounds and Mammoth Lake Park; goes through a number
of small towns, but mainly in farm and a bit of strip habitat.

The Peregrine Falcon, always in flight, appeared to be carrying prey when it
was first spotted on the driver's side, but the prey was not seen as it flew
away on the passenger side. The Peregrine was seen on Pollin's Road - not
far from the Fairgrounds.

Tom Kuehl

County - Westmoreland

Date - February 3, 2018

Observers- Sharon Gewecke, Tom Kuehl and Janet Kuehl

Total time actually surveying Hours: 2 Minutes- 15

Start time = 10:35 am /End time = 12:55 pm

Miles on route = 36.2

Harriers- 2 (both Gray Ghosts)

Red-tails- Ad. = 6 /Imm. = 0 /ND = 6 Total = 12

Other raptors ? YES! Peregrine Falcon = 1 (not able to age)


Avg Temp.- 23F

Sky- Clear/Pt cloudy/Cloudy- Partly Cloudy to start, gradually changing to
full cloud cover

Wind - Light

Avg Snow cover depth - A snow cover, but generally 1" or less

Of note: Four Rusty Blackbirds were seen on Brinkerton Road near a
reclamation pond.
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