Date: 2/3/18 10:10 am
From: John Shewey <shewey...>
Subject: [obol] Harney County & Surrounds end of January

I was in Harney County and then commuting back via Sheldon NWR 1/28 through 2/1. Nothing terribly unusual, and all relatively quiet of course, but a few sightings: two ROCK WRENS (two different places) up in the rims that guard Hwy. 205, north of Frenchglen; quite a few MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS along 205; one FERRUGINOUS HAWK just south of Wright's Point (between Burns and The Narrows); lots of other raptors out and about: RED-TAILS, ROUGH-LEGGEDS, GOLDEN EAGLES, BALD EAGLES, PRAIRIE FALCONS, KESTRELS, HARRIERS, one PEREGRINE north of Wright's Point; the pair of tough-it-out wintering BELTED KINGFISHERS at their usual location just north of Frenchglen; a large covey of SAGE GROUSE at about 6,000 feet elevation south of Long Hollow Summit (hike-in) and a flock of some 100 HORNED LARKS at a playa nearby (hike-in); about 40 TUNDRA SWANS on aptly named Swan Lake on Sheldon; 2 JUNIPER TITMICE along the west access road to Sheldon; a NORTHERN SHRIKE in Coleman Valley, and a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE north of Paisley. -John Shewey

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