Date: 2/2/18 3:51 pm
From: Barry Brugman <bbrug15...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Say's Phoebe in north Carnation
This morning I was surprised to find an early Say's Phoebe in north
Carnation. The bird was on the south side of NE 60th St. It was on the
second fence from the road, flycatching. The field it was next to is the
large open field that has a Proposed Development sign on it. The
approximate Google Maps coordinates are 47.65872, -121.920826 .

It was raining, the light level was low, and the bird wasn't real close,
but I took some pictures and the best two (front and back) are on my
website at

I couldn't find it again when I went by there again an hour or two later,
but it might be around the neighborhood somewhere. Sorry for the late
report. I don't send email from my phone.

Barry Brugman

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