Date: 2/2/18 1:51 pm
From: Joseph Kennedy <josephkennedy36...>
Subject: [texbirds] Birding pictures from January Anahuac and the coast
Started at Anahuac a bit after sunrise on Tuesday and had an early bird
white-tailed hawk waiting for me.

Shoveler pond is beginning to have lots of ducks like gadwall

And you can get good pictures of all the ducks tipping up

Pintails are easy in that regard

The bump on the back of the head of the lesser scaup is a good mark unless
they smooth the head. This bird varied from a little greenish to purplish
sheen as it moved its head

The female did not show a bump

Lots more ring-necked ducks than scaup

Later a pair of crested caracara perched up

Down at bolivar flats the avocets were resting and feeding out in the bay

A least sandpiper can appear to have dark legs in bad light or when they
are dirty

But they are yellow with a little different angle

An American pipit was feeding near the car

And then headed for the car

Eventually it went under the car and fed there for a while

On Galveston the red-shouldered hawks were resting

A week earlier, they had been trying to break off branches for the nest

Further west on Galveston, American widgeon were stealing food from coots.
Any time the coots surfaced with food the baldpates headed to them

Sandhill cranes were paired

Up on the dike, several little gulls were among the ring-billed and
laughing gulls but all were Bonaparte's

A stop at Hermann Park had wood ducks

The view from the rear is distinctive

The female has a little color sheen too

Ring-necked ducks are the common bird there

Egyptian geese were eating grass

And the black-bellied whistling ducks were starting to act springlike with
lots of calling and chasing

Very few land birds in the park.

Joseph C. Kennedy
on Buffalo Bayou in West Houston

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