Date: 2/2/18 11:28 am
From: Herbert Flavell <herb1013...>
Subject: Re: sources for hackberry CELTIS OCCIDENTALIS
I dont know much about hackberry, but I find apples are a great food for
birds. I normally feed 4 or 5 hundred birds a day. Not when the apples
get ripe. Then there is not a bird at my feeders only the Blue Jays come
to get their unshelled peanuts. When the peanuts are gone so are they to
the apple trees.I live in Susquehanna County on 25 acres of a 250 year
old dairy farm. Years ago all the farmers planted apples to draw their
food supply of deer and turkeys. I guess I have about 25 apple trees
that they visit. There is still an old chain hanging in my barn where
the farmer hung his deer and skinned it. I just left it for old times
sake.I plan on planting more apple trees because trees grow here like
weeds from the 250 years of cow dung. I also imported 10 pounds or so of
acorns from N.J. to plant because there are very few Oak trees here. I
have not been out to see if they are growing because of medical
problems. I hope some of them have. We planted someĀ  and just spread the
rest by throwing a handful. Because the apples draw the deer and Turkeys
I normally feed a herd of about 40 to 50 deer and turkeys till spring.

Herb Flavell Gods Knob, Milk Can Corners Susquehanna County

On 2/2/2018 6:54 AM, Scott Weidensaul wrote:
> The hackberry discussion has been fascinating and helpful. But just a gentle reminder to all that full name and location are appreciated in all PABIRDS posts, so those of us reading them know roughly where in the 47,000 square miles of Pennsylvania a particular poster (along with their observations and suggestions) is to be found.
> With thanks,
> Scott Weidensaul
> Schuylkill Haven, PA
>> On Feb 2, 2018, at 6:13 AM, Josh Donaldson <jd425...> wrote:
>> "Go Native Tree Farm, Lancaster,
>> Hilltop Hollow Farm, Bellefonte,
>> Winghaven Nursery, Coburn,
>> You can also check our website ( soon
>> to see the list of plants for our May 5, 2018 sale, to see if they will be
>> available. You can pre-order and pick them up at the sale.
>> Debra Grim"
>> Thank you Debra! We have planted a number of trees for birds and Hackberry would be an excellent addition (I've never considered it before). We already have Pin Oak, 2 Black Gum, Tuliptree, Dogwoods, Douglas Fir, Washington Hawthorn, a Crabapple, Red Cedar, and Planetrees (Sycamore) along with various maples and a Black Walnut. The Firs seem to be a good "staging area" for feeder birds, also where they fled to when Mr. Cooper Hawk shows up.
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