Date: 2/2/18 10:31 am
From: Marty Wall (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Beaufort, NC Sandhill Cranes singing and dancing and the new bypass
Hi Carolina Birders,

The new Hwy 70 Beaufort bypass opened last Sunday. As many of you know,
the bypass runs behind the corn field where the Sandhill Cranes spend a lot
of time. I was wondering how they would react to the new traffic. I did
not see them on Monday, January 29. On January 30, I saw them fly over
heading west while I was sitting at one of the new traffic lights along the
bypass, on my way to check on them. They appeared to be coming from the
corn field. On Wednesday, January 31, I drove the bypass several times
going from place to place and did not see them until 8:54 AM. I drove
around to Hwy 101 and viewed them with a scope as I have done many times in
the past. This morning, Friday, February 2, as I was returning to Beaufort
heading west along the bypass, I saw them not too far from the road.
Traffic was light (no cars near me at the time), so I pulled to the
shoulder and watched them. I was thrilled to see and hear them dancing and
vocalizing! I snapped a few quick photos through my open window. I then
tried to record the vocalizations, but traffic picked up and by the time it
cleared the cranes had stopped. It appears they have adjusted to the new
traffic running close to one of their daytime hangouts.

Marty Wall
Beaufort, NC

eBird checklist with photos of dancing cranes

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