Date: 2/2/18 10:29 am
From: Justin Bosler <justin.bosler...>
Subject: [texbirds] Odessa Snowy Owl and eBird (No Sighting)
This email will only be relevant to eBird users who have chased or are
planning on chasing the Odessa Snowy Owl.

In an attempt to keep the eBird sightings map relatively clean and easy to
utilize, I suggested an eBird hotspot to "house" most of the observations
from the Crossroads Church to the Discount Tire and more or less any
location in the immediate vicinity of Billy Hext Road and Hwy. 191 just
inside Ector County. Thanks to John Berner (eBird hotspot editor for Texas)
for validating that request. Of course, it is encouraged that you include
some notes in the checklist that indicate where the owl was when you were
observing it (i.e. debris piles behind church or utility pole at Discount
Tire, etc.).

However, if you happen to observe the Snowy Owl away from this general area
it is recommended that you create a new personal location in order to help
map its movements. This is especially important if you have observed it to
the east of the original location which places it in Midland County. If the
owl is observed with increased regularity by the movie theater, for
example, John can create another eBird hotspot that can be used there.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can provide advice on moving
a checklist from a personal location to a hotspot or more broadly anything
eBird related.

Good birding!
Justin Bosler
Austin, TX

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