Date: 2/2/18 3:14 am
From: Josh Donaldson <jd425...>
Subject: Re: sources for hackberry CELTIS OCCIDENTALIS
"Go Native Tree Farm, Lancaster,
Hilltop Hollow Farm, Bellefonte,
Winghaven Nursery, Coburn,

You can also check our website ( soon
to see the list of plants for our May 5, 2018 sale, to see if they will be
available. You can pre-order and pick them up at the sale.

Debra Grim"

Thank you Debra! We have planted a number of trees for birds and Hackberry would be an excellent addition (I've never considered it before). We already have Pin Oak, 2 Black Gum, Tuliptree, Dogwoods, Douglas Fir, Washington Hawthorn, a Crabapple, Red Cedar, and Planetrees (Sycamore) along with various maples and a Black Walnut. The Firs seem to be a good "staging area" for feeder birds, also where they fled to when Mr. Cooper Hawk shows up.
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