Date: 2/1/18 12:46 pm
From: Mike Patterson <celata...>
Subject: [obol] Stellers Eider and parking...
There is is never a good way to tell people no. No matter how polite
I think I sound and no matter how much I really believe I'm doing people
a favor, all too often those people being told no will hear something
less polite and more antagonistic.

And I thought I'd already covered the topic of parking at the Cove, but
maybe it was for a different bird some other time at the Cove.

Anyway, don't use the surfer's parking lot on the south side of the
Lanai Motel. The one accessed by a very narrow alley that leads to the
flat cobble area. Access there is tight and the surfer-folk who use
that area can be grumpy with strangers, particularly when those
strangers impede access for others.

Last week there was an encounter between surfers and birders. I made
an attempt this morning to head off another encounter and may
have, inadvertently, offend a birder in the process.

The surfing community has a high sense of ownership at Seaside Cove.
Many don't want to be photographed surfing and there have been conflicts
between surfers and other user groups in the past. For the most part,
I've heard only good things from the surfers I know. They are having a
good time sharing the eider with bird-folk and will probably ask
questions or even try to help you find it (though they are usually
pointing at Surf Scoters), but its important that we don't wear out our
welcome with inconsiderate behaviors.

I always park on the street and walk. In the interest of keeping
ourselves in the good graces of the local community, you all are asked
to do the same.

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
That question...
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