Date: 2/1/18 11:47 am
From: Susan Matson <smatson123...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Trumpeters
Can anyone else confirm four to six trumpeter swans at Assunpink Reservoir? I thought I saw four today (mixed adults and juveniles) with the aid of another birder's scope. However a friend seems to have seen the same birds and says they look smaller than mutes..and have a spot before their eyes. I have a photo but taken from too great a distance to allow for good detail.
Susan Matson

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> On Jan 31, 2018, at 8:20 PM, Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> wrote:
> Phew.... the wind didn't die down and I thought I was going to be skunked
> again! But no, I had 2 Shorties - medium distance out. Very nice to see!
> Please see my ebird report for exact times.
> I have to enter yet though. I did offline lists. I used a lot of cellular
> on Monday in north Jersey.
> The cranes didn't come in til late. I was getting ready to leave!
> Then there they were. Had them in flight for a couple minutes, calling,
> beautiful! Then they went down to the west for the night.
> I hit Stow Neck Rd. in Salem county. I am on a quest for a Salem Snowy Owl!
> Not today...
> Bayside was fairly slow also. The birds just aren't around much yet. Well
> if they went further south with our big freeze up, they should stay there.
> Loads of Geese flocks. I couldn't find anything Unusual. Again, I wasn't trying
> too hard. If I scoped every flock well, I never would have made it to Husted
> Landing.
> Good birding all. Eagle festival is this Sat. I'll be there! Hope to see people
> there!
> Sandra Keller
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How to report NJ bird sightings: see <>
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