Date: 2/1/18 10:14 am
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Subject: [HMBirds] Around the Counties-today and past couple days
Sharing these observations and documentation photos from non-bird related travels but with camera gear usually with me.

Albany County - this morning

One adult Iceland gull and one immature Iceland gull, on ice just west of Crescent Power Plant on Mohawk R Photo of younger one.

Schenectady County - this morning

Snowy Owl-YES, with binoculars, a tiny stationery and flying white dot on the National Guard base as viewed from the airport . . . the only truly satisfying view might be if you are a member of The Guard. No photo. I'm not a poster of specific snowy or any owl locations but this one is not really accessible.

Saratoga County-this week

A couple pair of red crossbills gritting or in trees in Lake Desolation area, with attached photo of a drinking male.
A few bald eagles-in numerous places with open water

Washington County-yesterday

A few bald eagles as well in numerous open water river spots
Continuing snow owls and rough-legged hawks although snow buntings seem to have left.

Jeff Nadler

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