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Subject: Fwd: Woodcock program, Harris Lake County Park, Wake County
Thought some people on here might be interested in this event.

Jennifer Horton
Simpsonville, SC

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Date: Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 4:16 PM
Subject: [NC-EE] Woodcock program, Harris Lake County Park, Wake County

Join us on a wagon ride to look for Woodcocks in the park. Although very
small, this bird takes "making a good impression" to new heights! The males
will take to the air and put on a dazzling performance of spins and spirals
to impress a mate. If we're lucky, our group will encounter this cool
spectacle just before sunset and we will be able to enjoy it as long as the
light lasts. We will be travelling along the back roads of the park to an
open field. Be prepared to wear plenty of layers and bring a blanket!

Saturday, February 17; 5:30 - 7 p.m.
919-387-4342 <(919)%20387-4342>
Harris Lake County Park
2112 County Park Drive, New Hill, NC
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Meet at the wagon near the Playground
Free for Great Backyard Bird Count

Register here:

Alden Early
Park Technician of Programs
Harris Lake County Park/ American Tobacco Trail
2112 County Park Drive, New Hill, N.C.
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Office Phone: 919-387-4341 <(919)%20387-4341>
Mobile Phone: 919-669-6958 <(919)%20669-6958>
Email: <alden.early...>

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