Date: 2/1/18 4:21 am
From: Joseph C. Neal <joeneal...>
Subject: Short-eared Owls at Frog (from Bill Beall)
I received the following note from Bill Beall about a trip in the Arkansas River bottomlands near Kibler-Alma. The trip was yesterday, Jan 31. Sharp Chapel Road fields he mentions are now part of Frog Bayou WMA:

"Not much in Kibler Bottoms except 116 tuvu and 6000 rwbl, not much at Alma Sewer Ponds area except 59 blvu and 33 white-fronted geese. Got to Sharp Chapel Rd and decided to try it. It is a boom or bust road, usually a bust. Saw 6 Harriers right off and told Toka we should try the area some night for seow. Saw a bird perched on the harvested ground along the road ahead that wasn't a harrier Got closer and saw it was a seow. Could even see the "ears".

"Came back at sunset and the seow was still there. At 5:37 an alarm must have gone off, all of a sudden 4 owls came up out of the tall weeds on the east side of the road. 2 flew across the road to where the one was sitting in the field and the other 2 joined the harriers over the tall weeds.
Played their calls on the phone and 2 came right over the car. How's that for a blue moon bird trip?"

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