Date: 1/31/18 11:54 pm
From: Harry Nehls <hnehls6...>
Subject: [obol] RBA: Portland, OR 2-1-18
* Oregon
* Portland
* February 1, 2018
* ORPO1802.01

* birds mentioned

³Blue² Snow Goose
Red-shouldered Hawk
Horned Lark
Barn Swallow Common Redpoll
With-winged Crossbill
Lapland Longspur
Snow Bunting
American Tree Sparrow
Harrisıs Sparrow
Nashville Warbler
Hermit Warbler
Black-headed Grosbeak

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hotline: Portland Oregon Audubon RBA (weekly)
number: 503-292-6855
To report: Harry Nehls 503-233-2976 <hnehls6...>
compiler: Harry Nehls
coverage: entire state

Hello, this is the Audubon Society of Portland Rare Bird Report. This report
was made Thursday February 1. If you have anything to add call Harry Nehls
at 503-233-3976.

The STELLERıS EIDER at Seaside and the BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER at Ona Beach
State Park continue. On January 27 a MCCOWNıS LONGSPUR and 20 LAPLAND
LONGSPURS were among a flock of HORNED LARKS along Township Road south of
Klamath Falls.

WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS continue along the coast. A HERMIT WARBLER was seen
January 28 in Coos Bay. On January 30 a BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK was at a South
Beach feeder south of Newport. The SNOW BUNTING flock at Sunset Beach State
Park at increased to 16 by January 25. A number of BARN SWALLOWS were
reported January 25 at Brownsmead.

On January 27 two BLUE SNOW GEESE were photographed among over 2000 SNOW
near Vancouver Lake. A TREE SPARROW is now being seen along Rentenaar Road
on Sauvie Island. On January 24 an adult RED-SHOULDERED HAWK was at Oaks
Bottom in southeast Portland. A HARRISıS SPARROW is now at the Fed EX
parking lot near the Troutdale Airport. On January 25 two REDPOLLS and a
NASHVILLE WARBLER were in North Corvallis.

On January 28 a dark GRYFALCON was along Elk Mountain Road north of

Thatıs it for this week.

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