Date: 1/31/18 6:53 pm
From: Will Clemons <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender willclemons for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] STELLER’S EIDER January 31, 2018
The STELLER’S EIDER continues at Seaside Cove.
Wednesday Morning, John Thaw and I observed it for over 30 minutes.High tide at Seaside was listed as 11:59am
We arrived at Seaside Cove around 10am, and joined at least six other birders who were already there.  Nobody there had yet seen the EIDER, and some had been there for hours.  I mentioned that I had success on Jan 16th by walking about 350-400 yards West along the Cove’s South edge, but nobody seemed interested. 
John and I then walked West along the rocky South edge of the Cove until we got to a place where there is a steep staircase ascending the bluff. A short distance further West there is a switch-back trail ascending the bluff. It was at this point that John and I finally spotted the STELLER’S EIDER.  We left the spot around 11:30am. The STELLER’S EIDER was at times no more than 30 yards from the rocky edge of the Cove, though most of the time she was farther off, but never more than about 75 yards away. We had excellent scope views between swells and her dives, and while she stayed on the surface longer to preen briefly. 
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