Date: 1/31/18 5:22 pm
From: Mark Greenfield <sauviemark...>
Subject: [obol] Lost Lagoon Birds and Sauvie Island Bird List Update
As I indicated at the end of last month, I will no longer be providing my twice a month bird lists for our property (although you can email me to request them), but I do want to make monthly summary reports. Three things of interest for January. First, we are beginning to see barn owls on the property again, after a couple of years of not seeing any. Second, today, for just the 2nd time in my 15 years here, I saw a barred owl on our property, in a fir tree right near our house. I think my wife saw one several weeks ago as well when she checked out the raucous that the California scrub-jays were making. Third, where are all the ducks. Last year there were numerous species using the seasonal ponds across from our driveway entrance. This year, virtually nothing. I will be keeping a close eye to see if this changes once hunting season is over.

Finally, as part of the Sauvie Island Conservation Plan that my wife, among others, is developing, the Sauvie Island bird list is being updated. I am coordinating this effort with help from ebird and some OBOL contributors who bird here regularly and know the frequency of sitings much better than I do. Thank you to all that have helped out so far. For those others I have contacted — I’d love to hear from you.

Mark Greenfield
Sauvie Island, Oregon

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